“Savagely Attractive, Seasoned Carp Baits”

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Free UK Shipping on all orders over £70

Catch Carp Like This......

Really pleased with S.A.S Baits service. Very fast and reliable. Their baits are top notch and smell great! Been using these baits since late November and have purchased 3 orders so far. Happy to keep reordering.

Phillp Grimmer

brilliant bait all ranges. I would highly recommend the Arctic krill and creamy nut this bait is great for the carp and great for your pocket also brilliant match the hatch pop ups and very nice top-secret pop ups aswell as waffters. iv used this bait for 3 years now and never looked back.

Richard Brame

Fantastic bait started using it in the summer time this year and had a mega season fishing . Resulting with 4 30s to many 20s to count and many more. 5 star bait for 5star owner the bait is freshly rolled for order and hasn’t let me down yet get over to the website to have a look

Josh White